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IMPORTANT: Management Courses Replacement Notice!

Please be advised that we have changed our Management Suite of courses by combining a number of courses that were in FLASH into one condensed course delivered in HTML5 that will work with any browser. The following courses have been replaced by the new course:

Implementing Workplace Safety
Understanding the Occupational Health & Safety Act
Occupational Health & Safety and the Criminal Code
Workplace Safety Inspections
Accident & Incident Investigations

These courses are no longer accessible so you should assign the new course to those affected. By doing so, a significant amount of time will be saved and a more thorough overall understanding of the topics realized.

This NEW Course, “Understanding and Implementing a Health & Safety Program” is offered by InFuse in your Management Suite. It is designed for owners, managers, supervisors and health & safety committee members and brings together all the elements mentioned below.

You need to seriously consider having these individuals take this course, even if you feel you have a good program in place already. Not knowing is not justifiable and the OHSA does not allow for easy forgiveness when things go wrong.

ZF's Eight Speed Transmission

“Understanding and Implementing a Health & Safety Program” is included in your InFuse subscription at no additional charge. Do your organization a big favour and ensure your key personnel are knowledgeable and empowered.


Just Doing the Minimum is Not Enough!

Many companies and organizations believe that by doing the “minimum” when it comes to Health & Safety, they are completely protected under the OHSA. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What exactly is the “minimum”? We have heard responses such as WHMIS, or having a quick meeting on the first day of work to mention health & safety or posting their Health & Safety Policy. This is NOT Risk Management!

In truth, the minimum should really mean “taking all precautions under the circumstances to protect the health & safety of the worker”. That is what the federal, provincial and territorial ACTS and Regulations basically say.

So, how exactly do you do that? The only effective way is to have a proper Health & Safety Program that puts in place the necessary components for an organization to formally follow. A program consists of having the right people assigned duties, ensuring hazards are identified and dealt with expeditiously, training workers and supervisors about hazards in their workplace and their responsibilities, conducting workplace inspections, properly investigating incidents and accidents and ensuring proper records of all activities associated with the above.


WHMIS 1988 Hazardous Materials still found at your Workplace?

Did you know that materials in your workplace that are from the “old” WHMIS days must be relabeled or disposed of?

After December 1, 2018, WHMIS 1988 became extinct. You were to have trained your workers in WHMIS 2015 and any containers displaying the WHMIS 1988 symbols, labels or placards needed to be relabelled with appropriate WHMIS 2015 requirements.

This means replacing old WHMIS labels with NEW WHMIS 2015 Workplace Labels or with appropriate WHMIS 2015 Supplier Labels that can be acquired from the supplier if the product is the same. Products no longer used should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations and procedures as in the past.

We suggest your Health & Safety Representative (HSR) or Health & Safety Committee conduct an inspection of the workplace to identify mislabeled hazardous materials and ensure that the above corrective measures are carried out.